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Home-grown tomatoes taste better than store-bought ones.

Lovexfood is a project born from the love for everything that is good food.
If we pause for a moment to think about many important moments of our lives we will realize that most of them have occurred around a table.
Lovexfood wants to help making magical these moments, retracing traditional recipes stolen from aunts or grandmothers, recipes that have been used in the past and that could tell the story of many lives.
Our products are genuine and locally produced.

 Fresh eggs
veg3r Fresh vegetables

erbr Aromatic Herbs
frut3rFresh fruit

Cooking class

Learn the traditional Italian recipes

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The old farmhouse, home to Lovexfood, was uninhabited for several years and in restoring it we tried to respect its old and rustic character, but with an eye for the modern.
The garden that surrounds it is encircled by aromatic plants, a small vegetable garden, spontaneous bush and fruit trees where the ancient chestnut becomes the master of the house.

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18 Novembre 2016

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